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ABOUT BISHINE - Food packaging solution consultant in Taiwan
BISHINE focuses on producing high-quality food packaging material.
From manufacturing to marketing, we offer a good quality product at a reasonable price.
Product including Aluminum Foil Container, Muffin Cup, Baking Cup, Mousse Jelly Cup, Dessert cup, Plastic Cutlery, Food Packaging Material.


Aluminum Foil Containers
Aluminum foil containers of different sizes and shapes,
Heat-resistant for cooking and baking, only cannot be microwaved.
Suitable for various purposes,
great for custard, baked pasta、baked sandwiches, apple pies, cookies, etc.
High-quality, functional and durable.

Disposable Paper Muffin Cups
Fancy colors baking paper muffin cups.
Be made of food-grade paper with PET coating, so it's greaseproof, heat-resistant and eco-friendly.
It can be used individually into the oven without using baking molds.
Convenient, disposable and practical.
Great for putting cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

Mousse Dessert Cups, Jelly Cups
High-Quality Disposable Plastic Dessert Cups.
Be made of food-grade PS material with PET lid.
Diverse mini dessert cups offer a simple way to make your desserts looked professional.
Perfect for any occasion, these dessert cups can fit all your needs.
Great for parties, weddings, family gatherings, and more.

Heat Resistant Disposable Pudding Cups
Heat resistant pudding dessert cups.
Be made of heat-resistant PP material.
Suitable for making pudding and custard by double-boiling.
It can be decorated with stickers, put into boxes in all sorts of styling.

PET Dessert Cups
Disposable PET exquisite dessert cups.
Be made of food-grade PET material with semicircular lid.
Suitable for restaurant, bakery, and café.
Easy to make your desserts looked professional.

Plastic Cake Cutlery
Disposable plastic tableware,
Fancy colors cake pans, cake forks, cake knives,
be made of PS material with higher hardness.
Suitable for eating cakes, desserts, and snacks.
Unique shape, lovely color, and convenient.
It can be used in the store to adorn desserts, also suitable for birthdays, parties, etc.


1. BISHINE High-Quality Products
‧ We use Food Grade material only (materials in contact with foodstuffs)
‧ Taiwanese High-Quality Control (QC)
‧ Free Samples to check before ordering.

2. BISHINE Punctual Delivery
‧ Formal production lead time: 4~6 weeks
‧ Sufficient storage space to keep 95% regular items in stock
‧ Shipment can be dispatched within 14 days if the products are in stock

3. BISHINE Efficient Service
‧ English service to meet international demand
‧ Your inquiry will be replied within 24hrs
‧ Real-time text via various applications (e.g. WeChat, WhatsApp…, etc.)

4. BISHINE Company Mission
‧ Highest quality
‧ Competitive pricing
‧ Excellent services

*In order to maintain the high standard of quality control, all products from BISHINE have been certificated with SGS.
*Many products from BISHINE have been applied and obtained the relevant patents.